[September 2021] Official BDM Content Creator Partners List Dear Adventurers,We're excited to introduce our official partnered content creators!Please join us in welcoming the following content creators of the partner program!New PartnersNaodeeu - Twitch / YouTubeSmithy - YouTubeXanttuStream - Twitch / YouTube (WIP)Princesa Guarani - YouTubeRubik - Twitch / YouTubeGEE CH...

[September 2021] Official BDM Content Creator Partners List

Dear Adventurers,

We're excited to introduce our official partnered content creators!

Please join us in welcoming the following content creators of the partner program!

New Partners
Naodeeu - Twitch / YouTube
Smithy - YouTube
XanttuStream - Twitch / YouTube (WIP)
Princesa Guarani - YouTube
Rubik - Twitch / YouTube
GEE CH - YouTube

These passionate players are here to help the community and create fun, new content for Black Desert Mobile.



NA Portuguese Todos devemos crescer juntos.



Princesa Guarani

NA Spanish Hola, Team Fuego, yo soy Princesa Guarani y hago
guías de Black Desert Mobile en español,
Gracias por el apoyo, los amo.


EU English Hi, I'm a Black Desert Mobile player,
playing BDM since first launch in February 2018,
having a lot of experience in game
and in PVP mechanics.
I make videos to entertain and teach you
how to play your class and counter other classes.
Also, I have a big experience in most MMO games,
so if you want some specific videos, commentaries,
let's plays, first play, and other sorts of game videos,
feel free to ask, I will do my best to provide you
with any sort of info and entertainment possible.
Subscribe to my channel.
Have fun and Good luck.


EU English Hey, I am Xanttu!
I've been playing and streaming Black Desert Mobile
almost daily since the soft launch back in October 2019.
I've always strived to build a community
to both help new players get started and guide
veteran players in the right direction.
Everything from Fishing to Castle Siege is being streamed,
so there are all kinds of content to be seen.
The PinkSquad is looking forward to your visit
to our positive community!



EU Russian Всем привет, с вами Рубик и это игра
Black Desert Mobile' - Данная фраза смогла помочь
уже десяткам тысяч новичков и я надеюсь
что поможет ещё больше.
Данный канал имеет как познавательный,
так и развлекательный контент,
зачастую по игре Black Desert Mobile.
Так что заходи и ты, мой дорогой друг,
ведь каждый найдёт то, что ему нужно.




ASIA Thai Hello everyone, my name is Ice,
I create content for games Black Desert Mobile
Whether the content is updated weekly
Discuss after patch update
You can ask me anything.
สวัสดีทุกคน ฉันชื่อไอซ์ ฉันสร้างคอนเทนต์สำหรับเกม
Black Desert Mobile ไม่ว่าจะเป็นเนื้อหาอัปเดตรายสัปดาห์
พูดคุยหลังอัปเดตแพทช์ มีอะไรสามารถสอบถามฉันได้เลย

If you ever find yourself needing help in the game or you simply want to say hello, feel free to stop by their channels!

Interested in joining?
Visit the following link to find the requirements, benefits, guidelines, and to submit an application.
Black Desert Mobile Partner Program

Thank you.